"Behind every book there is a sum of actions, thoughts, worries, anxieties, decisions and hopes shared day by day, hour by hour."


For this project my team had to create a magazine about Albe Steiner consistent with his personality and his artworks.

DesignVerso - Annex

In annex with Albe Steiner magazine we created a book
about his passion: photography.

Le Triennali di Milano

A pamphlet recollects all the story of the triennale di Milano, with historical articles and images about one of the most important arts place of Italy.

Lineto digital font foundery

Lineto is one of the most famous digital font foundery. It produces the Circular, Akkurat and LL Replica. This pamphlet shows all their most important fonts with annex the most importants use of it in journal, magazine and web site.