"I learned that people can forget what you said, people can forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Estremi vicini

Estremi Vicini is an exhibition for promoting the service « Raggiungimi ».

Raggiungimi is a service of people for people, based on collaboration and is aimed at creating aid and cooperation networks. Our project focused on this, with an awareness campaign to make people more aware on family reunification, to promote service and to strengthen the community in Milan.

the exhibition will be realized with the creation of a path, of rooms,
of steps that the visitor must pass  in order to complete the immersive experience.

Audio room

The visitor hear audio playback of fragments of phone calls in various languages, with sounds of everyday life in the background, but then the line will fall

Tactil room

The installation of touch, a polyethylene wall, with which the visitor can interact.

The idea is that although cellphones allow us to be very close to each other, there will always be something to separate us and keep us from embracing.

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